Our 3 Best Tattoo Numbing Creams: Unlock Pain-Free Ink Experiences 2024!

I’m thrilled to share with you the top tattoo numbing cream that have made a significant impact in the tattooing industry! These products have been highly praised for their effectiveness in reducing pain during the tattoo process. As we prepare to dive into the specifics of each cream, remember that these selections are designed to help make your tattoo experience as comfortable as possible.

Whether you’re getting inked for the first time or are a seasoned pro, these numbing creams could be just what you need to ease the discomfort. Now, let’s take a look at the best options out there!

Best Tattoo Numbing Cream

1.Treatonic Numbing Cream

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05/29/2024 10:26 pm GMT

If you’re gearing up for a tattoo session and dreading the pain, this numbing cream is your new best friend.

Getting a tattoo can be an exhilarating experience, and I’m someone who believes in going through it as comfortably as possible. This Treatonic tattoo numbing cream is a product I recently tried out, and I must say, it’s a real game-changer. Just yesterday, I had a session for a piece on my shoulder, and it truly minimized the discomfort.

Applying the cream was hassle-free. Though the consistency was rich, it wasn’t greasy. I made sure to slather on a thick layer and patiently waited for an hour.

The moment the needle buzzed to life, I realized this cream works wonders. There was a noticeable absence of usual pain; it felt more like a light graze than the sting of tattooing. Being someone with a lower pain threshold, this cream allowed me to sit back and enjoy the art taking shape on my skin.

However, it’s crucial to apply generously. I learned that the hard way when the first time I used it sparingly, and the sensation began seeping through midway. Also, if you’re in a rush, waiting for an hour might test your patience, but believe me, it’s worth it.

To wrap up, I’d definitely recommend the Treatonic Numbing Cream to any fellow tattoo enthusiasts. It’s especially invaluable if you’re working on larger pieces or sensitive areas.

2.Curist Lidocaine Cream

Best Luxury Pick
5% Lidocaine Cream
$39.99 ($3.33 / Ounce)
  • ✅Rapid and effective numbing sensation
  • ✅Generous tube size offers great value
  • ✅Versatile for various skin ailments

  • ❌Not as long-lasting as some alternatives
  • ❌May require reapplication for prolonged procedures

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/29/2024 11:25 pm GMT

Having tried an array of numbing creams for my own ink sessions, I can vouch for Curist Lidocaine Cream’s swift action. As someone with low pain threshold, I need a trustworthy ally, and this cream has stepped up to bat beautifully. The 5% lidocaine concentration kicks in quickly, diminishing the sting of the needle impressively and allowing me to sit for longer sessions without squirming.

While most numbing creams are pretty standard in size, Curist has outdone themselves with an extra-large tube. This means not only more bang for your buck, but fewer trips to the store or frantic online reorders. When I prepped for my full-sleeve, one tube covered the entire affair. It’s incredibly satisfying when you can bridge economy with effectiveness.

Versatility is another feather in this cream’s cap. Whether it’s to calm the itching fury of a mosquito banquet on my skin, bring down the burn of a minor kitchen mishap, or even ease those humming aches from a day bent over the laptop, this cream has been my go-to.

However, it’s only fair to mention that the numbing effect can wane quicker than some of the other creams I’ve tried. Especially, for those marathon tattoo sessions, you might find yourself reaching for a second layer. Moreover, there’s the odd occasion when I’ve lathered up and received less numbness than anticipated. Skin types differ, and what’s foolproof for one might be futile for another.

3.Mad Rabbit Tattoo Numbing Cream

Best Vegan Pick
Vegan Tattoo Numbing Cream
$24.99 ($16.66 / Ounce)
  • ✅Rapidly diminishes pain
  • ✅Reduces redness enhancing tattoo vibrancy
  • ✅Vegan-friendly and suitable for all skin types

  • ❌Durability could be longer for extensive sessions
  • ❌ Might need careful application to achieve best results

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/29/2024 11:06 pm GMT

I was looking for something to take the edge off while getting my latest tattoo. A friend recommended Mad Rabbit’s Tattoo Numbing Cream, so I decided to give it a whirl. The cream promised fast-acting pain relief with 5% Lidocaine and minimal redness, which sounded perfect for what I needed.

Applying it was easy – I just followed the directions, making sure to wrap the area after slathering on the cream. In no time, I could feel my skin getting numb, with peak numbness hitting around 30 minutes in.

The other remarkable aspect was the reduced redness around my new ink, which really made the colors pop right from the start. Clean ingredients and a vegan formula are the cherries on top, giving me peace of mind about what I’m putting on my skin.

However, no product is without its drawbacks. While the cream worked like a charm initially, its numbing effect began to wane after about an hour, which wasn’t ideal for my lengthy session. This is something to note if you’re sitting for more extensive work. Considering the price, I would have liked the numbing effect to last a bit longer.

Despite these minor issues, the bottom line is Mad Rabbit’s Tattoo Numbing Cream delivers on its promises for most tattoo enthusiasts. The pain relief is real, it makes fresh tattoos look great, it’s straightforward to use, and it suits all skin types. Just keep an eye on the clock if you’re settling in for a long tattoo session.

Buying Guide

When I’m on the hunt for the best tattoo numbing cream, there are several key factors I consider to ensure I’m making a wise purchase.


Lidocaine is commonly sought after for its effective numbing properties, but it’s important to check the concentration. A blend of natural soothers like aloe or chamomile can also be beneficial to calm the skin.

  • Active Numbing Agents: Lidocaine, Benzocaine, Tetracaine
  • Skin Conditioners: Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera

Duration of Effectiveness

I look for products that offer long-lasting relief. Typically, creams should maintain numbness for at least 1-2 hours post-application.

  • Short Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Long Duration: 1 hour to several hours

Type of Cream

Different creams serve different stages of the tattoo process:

  • Pre-Tattoo: Applied before the session.
  • During Tattoo: Can be applied during breaks.

User Experience

Check the ease of application — I prefer creams that are non-greasy and absorbed quickly by the skin. User reviews can give insights into how effective and comfortable the cream is.

Sensitivity Test

I always conduct a small patch test before full application to avoid allergic reactions.

  • Patch Test: Apply a small amount on the skin, wait 24 hours, check for reactions.

Manufacturer Information

Reputation and credibility play a significant role in my choice. I ensure the numbing cream complies with relevant health and safety standards.

  • Compliance: FDA regulated, meets safety standards
  • Brand Reputation: Credibility with good user reviews

Armed with these pointers, I’m set to find a numbing cream that aligns with my specific needs and ensures a more comfortable tattoo experience.

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