Editorial Guidelines

Skinartistry.co is an independent website dedicated to showcasing the latest nail trends such as expert nail tips.

This editorial guideline outlines the principles of how we work. If you believe our work has not met these standards, please reach out to us at contactskinartistry@gmail.com or contact us here

Our Reporting

At Skinartistry, our priority is delivering thorough, accurate reporting. We focus solely on the facts, steering clear of automated systems. See our AI Policy for more on our approach and philosophy.

When exploring potentially sensitive topics, engagement is key. We always seek comment from relevant stakeholders to ensure a balanced perspective.

Remaining current is a must. If new information emerges, expect timely updates or follow-up coverage. Corrections are similarly rapid should errors surface.

Open dialogue underpins our efforts. Any individuals or organizations featured receive a right of reply. Concerns about representation are welcomed.

Source validation is standard practice. Multiple verifications occur before publishing unattributed information. Anonymous sources are protected. Monetary incentives are never part of the newsgathering process.

Proper attribution avoids issues. When building on others’ exclusives, we consistently highlight original reporting.

Our Professional Engagements

Professional cooperation is essential to our work. Across engagements with industry partners, a respectful, solutions-oriented approach carries us forward constructively.

While access agreements may occasionally be necessary, independence remains uncompromised. Non-disclosure solely facilitates coverage, not influence.

Should cooperation cease, standards endure. Circumstance will not compromise our commitment to fairness and scrutiny. Discretion avoids unnecessary distraction from the work.

Adevertising & Commercial Activities

Advertising and editorial functions are distinctly separate. Content results from editorial judgment, untouched by commercial mandates. Transparent advertiser relationships are founded on mutual trust and respect. Strict controls enforce suitable ad standards and experiences for all.

Occasional affiliate links present product options for readers, not conflicted incentives for us. Our focus stays on quality reporting to benefit the community.


Skinartistry is owned by Blum and Steffes NicheLink GbR. The company oversees a range of brands and websites, including ReslisdenceFlawliz and Getyourgift.

These ventures operate independently of Nailsslay’s editorial department. Nailsslay will always disclose its association when covering activities conducted by its parent company, NicheLink. Any such coverage is entirely subject to the discretion of the editors and is never influenced by commercial considerations.

All NicheLink staff and collaborators are familiar with this editorial policy and collectively uphold it.