Anti-AI Policy

Friends, as creators in the tattoo world we’ve seen the rise of AI and how it threatens to suck the soul out of this art form we all love. While automation has its place, we at Skinartistry believe creativity arises from the heart, not algorithms.

That’s why we’ll always go the extra mile to craft content the old-fashioned way – by collaborating directly with real tattoo artists, apprentices, owners, and of course you, our dope community. We hit up the shops for inside scoops, conduct candid interviews to get the unfiltered perspectives and test out gear ourselves so you get the real deal intel.

Some places churn out a million machine-made articles a day with no soul or heart. Not us. We take our sweet time crafting each piece to make sure it’s dope as hell and jam packed with helpful info. And we’re always updating to keep things fresh – can a robot say it’s kept an article relevant for 3 months!? Think again.

While other sites scrape the internet clean, we roll up our sleeves to uncover hidden gems. We’ll scour forums, DM artists at 3 am for portfolio recs, and dive deep on Reddit to surface dope facts and stories the algorithms miss.

In an era where so much content feels manufactured, we want Skinartistry to feel like your crew – passionate, down to earth and all about community. Creativity is what this culture thrives on, so you’ll never find AI in our process. We rep the heart and soul of tattoos, and we always will.