Stop right here: My Top 5 Best Lotion for Tattoo Healing 2024!

I’m thrilled to present you my Top 5 of the best lotion for tattoo healing. Keeping a new tattoo well-moisturized is key to promoting excellent healing, ensuring your ink remains vibrant and that the skin recovers as quickly as possible. The importance of the right lotion can’t be overstated—it’s what stands between you and a brilliantly healed piece of body art.

Best Tattoo Lotion for Tattoo Healing

So, I’ve meticulously gathered a lineup of the best tattoo healing lotions that will support your skin’s health while protecting your new tattoo’s beauty and luster. Keep your tattoo’s appearance sharp and impeccable with these top-notch product picks!

Tattoo Goo Lotion

Aftercare Lotion
$7.99 ($3.47 / Fl Oz)
  • ✅Quick absorption with no greasy residue
  • ✅ Enhances tattoo vibrancy
  • ✅Vegan-friendly and dermatologist approved

  • ❌Fragrance-free formula might not appeal to everyone
  • ❌ May require frequent application for large tattoos

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05/29/2024 06:40 am GMT

After getting my latest piece, a bold half-sleeve with intricate shading, I decided to give Tattoo Goo Lotion a try. With its quick-absorbing formula, my skin didn’t feel sticky at all, allowing me to go about my day comfortably. Unlike some other lotions, Tattoo Goo didn’t just sit on top of my skin—it felt like it really penetrated the area, providing hydration from deep within.

My fresh tattoo didn’t develop any scabs, which I credit to the Tattoo Goo Lotion’s dedicated healing ingredients. By staying well-moisturized, my tattoo seemed to heal faster, and I noticed the colors stayed vibrant as if my artist had just finished their work. It’s a concern to keep new ink clean and properly nourished, and this lotion met all my expectations, keeping my skin supple without any signs of irritation.

Although I absolutely love the natural formula, I wish it had a bit of fragrance to add to the experience. To my surprise, the vegan-friendly ingredients, including Olive Oil and Panthenol, catered perfectly to my sensitive skin. My tattoos appear bright and lively, reassuring me that I’ve made the right choice for aftercare. However, be aware of the tube size; if you’re covering a large area, you might run through it quickly—so stock up!

Hustle Butter Deluxe

Best Overall Pick / 10K+ bought in past month
Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare
$21.99 ($4.40 / Ounce)
  • ✅Keeps newly inked skin soft and well-hydrated
  • ✅Revives old tattoos making them more vibrant
  • ✅Natural ingredients and vegan, plus it smells like a tropical getaway

  • ❌May feel a bit too oily for those who prefer a matte finish
  • ❌The texture is quite rich, so a little goes a long way, which takes some getting used to
  • ❌The price point is higher compared to standard lotions, but its specialty care justifies the cost

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05/29/2024 06:56 am GMT

I just slathered on some Hustle Butter Deluxe on my new sleeve, and my skin feels remarkably soothed. This buttery balm glides on effortlessly, and you can instantly tell it’s working its magic, with the skin absorbing all that moisturizing goodness. The scent? It reminds me of a serene beach, far from the hustle and bustle.

After years of wearing ink, I’ve seen colors fade, but Hustle Butter Deluxe turned that around for my older pieces. They seem newly minted, color boosted like they’ve been given a new lease on life. Even my tattoo artist noticed, and now, it’s the only aftercare product they recommend.

Using Hustle Butter Deluxe offers peace of mind because it’s stacked with natural ingredients, and it’s vegan! Knowing that what’s penetrating my skin to heal my art is cruelty-free adds to the overall exceptional experience.

So, if you’re looking to pamper your tats with unparalleled care, giving them a vividness and keeping your skin supple, Hustle Butter Deluxe is your jar of gold. Sure, it may cost a tad more than your average lotion, but your skin and tattoos deserve the best.

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit

Best Allround Kit
Tattoo Aftercare Kit
  • ✅Comprehensive aftercare kit, complete with soap, balm, and lotion
  • ✅Products are gentle on skin, promoting quick and effective healing
  • ✅Enhances tattoo vibrancy, ensuring your ink stays looking fresh

  • ❌Lotion scent might not appeal to everyone
  • ❌The sizes of individual items may seem small

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/30/2024 01:10 am GMT

When I first used the Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit on my new sleeve, the difference was noticeable. The soap didn’t just clean; it seemed to prepare the skin for the balm, and it didn’t sting like some other products do—it just felt soothing. The lotion was a game-changer for the itchy phase, offering relief without feeling greasy. Their balm has a rich texture that melts into the skin, which seemed to make the colors pop even in the early healing days.

Applying the balm felt like a little ritual after each wash, with the pleasant sensation of giving my tattoo exactly what it needed to heal perfectly. The olive oil and lavender weren’t just ingredients but healers in their own right, and it was as if they wrapped my tattoo in a protective layer.

Having all three products in one kit has been incredibly convenient, eliminating the guesswork out of tattoo aftercare. The lotions and balm weren’t just another step in my routine; they became an essential part of maintaining and showcasing the art on my skin. Not to mention, the peace of mind knowing that a dermatologist had tested and approved these products was priceless. The idea that I was caring for my tattoo in both the short and long term made the Tattoo Goo Kit feel like a smart investment in my skin art’s future.

Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm

13.000+ ratings
Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm
$9.88 ($4.94 / Ounce)
  • ✅Accelerates healing with soothing ingredients
  • ✅Breathes new life into older tattoos
  • ✅Made from natural ingredients, chemical-free

  • ❌May not be sufficient for extremely sensitive skin
  • ❌Container size might be small for large tattoos

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05/29/2024 07:05 am GMT

I recently tried the Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm after getting my new sleeve, and I was genuinely impressed with how it expedited my recovery. The texture was just right – not too greasy, allowing my skin to heal without feeling suffocated. Plus, an added bonus, the natural ingredients list meant I was nurturing my skin without harsh chemicals.

Then there was the brightness boost it gave to my older tattoos. It’s been a while since I had seen them pop like that. And honestly, I was a bit skeptical about the ‘brightening old tattoos’ claim, but this balm certainly proved its worth. They now look refreshed, with the colors more vivid.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. My mate with ultra-sensitive skin tried it as well, and he found it a bit irritating. So, while it works wonders for me, it’s a gentle reminder that what works for one might not be ideal for everyone.

As someone who really appreciates a good value product that delivers on its promises, Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm gets two thumbs up from me. It healed my tattoo beautifully, kept my skin moisturized without that undesirable oily sensation, and the scent – while noticeable – was pleasant to me. Some might find it a bit much, but I think it just adds to the clean, fresh feeling.

If you’re looking for a tattoo balm that supports healing, elevates older ink, and takes pride in its natural formulation, give Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm a try. Just keep in mind the size and scent, especially if you have a larger design or are sensitive to fragrances.

After Inked Tattoo Lotion

Luxury Pick
After Inked Tattoo Lotion
$21.99 ($7.33 / Ounce)
  • ✅Nourishes skin deeply without leaving a greasy residue
  • ✅ Fragrance-free formula caters to sensitive skin
  • ✅Vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with ethical standards

  • ❌Price point may be higher relative to other options
  • ❌Cooling effect when refrigerated is not for everyone
  • ❌Some may prefer a scented option

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/29/2024 07:23 am GMT

I’ve recently had the chance to use After Inked Tattoo Lotion on my latest piece, and I’ve been amazed by its performance. The first thing I noticed was how my skin absorbed the lotion without any greasy aftermath, enabling me to dress immediately without worry of stains on my clothing. My tattoo started looking more vibrant within just a few days of consistent application, something that didn’t go unnoticed by my friends who also sport ink.

But it’s not just about how it looks. After Inked Tattoo Lotion provided a comforting, soothing sensation that kept the typical itching and discomfort at bay. Simple things like getting ready for bed or putting on a jacket became easier since the lotion left my skin feeling smooth and my tattoo perfectly nourished.

Another remarkable aspect is its ethical stance. Knowing the product is vegan and hasn’t been tested on animals gives me peace of mind, aligning with my personal values. I feel good both about the ingredients I’m putting on my skin and the company’s environmental and ethical practices.

Despite the slightly higher price point, the quality justifies the cost. And while some might prefer their lotion chilled for a cooling effect, I found it works perfectly at room temperature. Moreover, the absence of scent might disappoint those who enjoy fragranced products, but for me, it serves as a reminder of its gentle formulation.

Overall, After Inked Tattoo Lotion stands out in the crowded field of tattoo aftercare. It’s a game-changer for both seasoned tattoo enthusiasts and newcomers.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best lotion for tattoo healing, I pay close attention to several features to ensure I’m making the right choice for my skin and my new ink. Here are the factors I consider most important:


My first stop is always the ingredients list. I look for lotions that contain vitamins like A and E, which can support skin health. I also seek out natural moisturizers like shea butter or coconut oil that are gentle on the sensitive tattooed area. Avoiding harsh chemicals and fragrances is crucial, as these can irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction.


A lotion’s consistency is more important than one might think. A thicker cream might not absorb as quickly, but I’ve found it’s often more soothing for a new tattoo. Conversely, a thinner lotion might be less heavy on the skin but require more frequent application.


Hydration is paramount for healing tattoos. I prioritize lotions that offer long-lasting moisture without requiring constant reapplication. Proper hydration helps the tattoo heal without over-saturating the skin.

Healing Properties

It’s great when a lotion goes beyond just moisturizing. Ingredients that promote skin healing can be extremely beneficial. I watch for products that claim to soothe redness and reduce swelling, as these properties can help the tattoo heal smoothly.


Finally, I consider the packaging. A tube might be more hygienic than a jar, as it prevents bacteria from getting into the product. I also prefer lotions that are easy to dispense, especially if I’ll need to apply them on the go.

My focus is on products designed specifically for tattoo aftercare which meet these criteria, ensuring my tattoo heals beautifully and stays vibrant.

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